Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Is the left saving the Democratic Party?

    Or more to the point: Should the left save the Democrats? Progressives are facing wrath from party leaders for their primary victories, but is it worth it?

  • The Dept. of Greed, Sleaze and Shakedowns

    More revelations from the teetering Trump tower of corruption--about fixer-lawyer Michael Cohen--reveal a deeper corrosion of the political system

  • #RedForEd versus the UFT-Cuomo blues

    The New York City teachers' union doubled down on its losing strategy of kissing up to Democrats and kicking down at anyone who wants another way.

  • Will the Trump tower of corruption topple?

    Trump's legal troubles are getting serious, but scandalmongering isn't the way to challenge the Trump regime, nor his far-right shock troops.

  • Hawkish talk from a liberal Democrat

    She has a progressive reputation on domestic issues, but when it comes to war and foreign policy, Elizabeth Warren can talk as tough as any Republican.

  • Labor creates games

    Veteran attendees of the Game Developers Conference knew something was different this year: All the talk about unionization.

  • Big Data versus democracy

    The scandal engulfing political consultants Cambridge Analytica is symptomatic of a political system for sale to the highest bidder.

  • The meek-as-a-Lamb "opposition"

    If Democratic leaders get their way, millions of people who hope a Democratic Congress will put the brakes on the Trump blitzkrieg will be disappointed.

  • An infrastructure plan to build profits

    Trump's infrastructure plan won't repair our crumbling bridges nearly as effectively as it creates profits for investors.

  • What Russiagate tells us about a corrupt system

    Robert Mueller's investigation may or may not have found a smoking gun, but it's definitely exposing the sleazeballs of the Trump administration.

  • Trump and the crisis that caused him

    A must-read book of essays, featuring many SW contributors, makes the case that Trump can only be explained by the conditions that preceded him.

  • The only time Trump cares about people of color

    The State of the Union speech was only the most glaring example of Trump using people of color and our pain as a means to justify racism and violence.

  • Wrapped up in red, white and blue

    Trump's fantasy of a military parade is an exercise in flag-waving--but Republicans aren't the only ones who peddle nationalism.

  • A national coalition demands transit justice

    Rosa Parks was the inspiration for a national coalition of labor, environmental and civil rights groups to organize Transit Equity Day.

  • Who will go bust in the Trumponomics casino?

    Trump's State-of-the-Union boasts about the economy were followed by a stock market plunge--but workers have even less to bet on from the GOP agenda.

  • Chuck Schumer and the art of the sellout

    Why do the Democrats cave so often? The problem isn't just bad tactics, but the fact that they're committed to the same basic agenda as Republicans.

  • Corporate tax cheats bring home the stash

    Apple and other corporations are making out like bandits from Trump's tax bill--and repaying him with claims about new jobs.

  • Our answer to the miserable State of the Union

    Donald Trump celebrated the crimes and outrages of his first year, and outlined the ones he has in store for the future. Here's the socialist response.

  • Portrait of an unfit system

    Fire and Fury's stunning revelations have rocked the White House, but there's more to say about the whole undemocratic system.

  • Left inside the Chicago machine?

    The story of three Chicago Democrats and a seat in Congress holds lessons for the left about the need for political independence.

  • The U.S. empire and anti-Asian racism

    Like the violence of U.S. imperialism in Asia, the symbolic infantilization of Asians by U.S. political leaders has a long history.

  • Next week: The Socialist State of the Union

    During Trump's State of the Union speech, we'll be lighting up social media--and broadcasting a socialist response right after.

  • Lessons from a year of resistance

    One year after the Women's Marches, the left needs to take stock of what strategies will help build the opposition against Trump--and what won't.

  • Sick of a shithole president

    Trump's racist outburst has further disgusted millions of people--but we need an alternative to waiting on the Washington system to do something.

  • The sad spectacle of Sloppy Steve

    What a pleasure it's been to watch Steve Bannon's decline from political mastermind to a pathetic nobody begging for forgiveness.