Topic: Israel/Palestine

  • Will CUNY voices against apartheid be heard?

    CUNY's student government stopped a vote on divestment from Israeli apartheid after receiving a barrage of "anonymous" e-mails.

  • Israel adds a new chapter to the Nakba

    As Israelis celebrated the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, soldiers carried out a massacre of Palestinians demanding the right of return.

  • Israel's 70-year history of ethnic cleansing

    The expulsion of Palestine's indigenous Arab population 70 years ago is still disputed. So here, once again, are the facts.

  • Turning down the role of defending Israel

    Natalie Portman's refusal of a prestigious award--as a response to Israel's deadly violence--is a blow to Israeli apartheid.

  • A BDS victory at Barnard

    Barnard College students voted in favor of a referendum calling for divestment from eight firms complicit in Israeli apartheid.

  • Countering the Canary Mission blacklist

    The new website Against Canary Mission is dedicated to opposing a malicious attempt to smear and blacklist opponents of Israel.

  • Repression and resistance in a Bedouin village

    The inhabitants of Umm al-Khair are fighting displacement in the face of violence from the Israeli state and Zionist settlers.

  • Rescuing Jewish culture from Zionism

    Younger generations are breaking the stranglehold that pro-Israel politics has had on American Jewish life for decades.

  • The making of a massacre

    Israel deliberately deployed its forces to meet Palestinian border protests with deadly force--and that's exactly what took place.

  • Israel's premeditated massacre

    In honor of the anniversary of Dr. King's assassination, we condemn Israel's murder of Palestinians during the Land Day protests.

  • Israel responds to land protests with a massacre

    When tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied to nonviolently commemorate Land Day, they were met by murderous violence.

  • Don't let Israel hide Ahed's trial

    Israel's detention and prosecution of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi for standing up for her family must be protested.

  • Starving Gaza one tunnel at a time

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces corruption charges and fading support, so he's turned to a new assault on Gaza.

  • Rallying for Ahed and Palestine

    The fight for Ahed Tamimi and her family has become a lightning rod for the struggle to win justice for all Palestinians.

  • The persecution of a Palestinian family

    Join supporters of Ahed, Nour and Nariman Tamimi in demanding their release from arbitrary detention by the Israeli authorities.

  • Making common cause with Israel's ethno-state

    Donald Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is three things at once: purely symbolic, dangerously provocative and highly self-serving.

  • Dallas rallies for Palestine

    Hundreds turned out in the heart of Texas to protest Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

  • Trump's calculated provocation

    Palestinians and their allies in the fight for self-determination are protesting Trump's provocative declaration about Jerusalem.

  • Left with tiny scraps of land

    A British socialist writes about what he saw in the West Bank during a trip organized to forge solidarity between communities.

  • The PA cracks down on dissent

    The Palestinian Authority passed a law that would jail those whose speech on social media allegedly threatens "social harmony."

  • This anti-BDS bill is an assault on free speech

    Proposed legislation aimed at undermining the pro-Palestine movement would shred the U.S. Constitution in the process.

  • Battling a common enemy from Latin America

    Latin American BDS, environmental and other organizations are joining forces to take on the Mexico-based corporation Cemex.

  • Don't let fear be the lesson

    A renowned scholar is returning to the U.S. without a job in academia, but he doesn't regret his defense of the Palestinian struggle.

  • No place for pinkwashing

    Pro-Israel marchers say they were unfairly barred from Chicago Dyke March, but they were there to disrupt a pro-Palestine event.

  • Deconstructing Israeli mythology

    Ilan Pappe's Ten Myths About Israel is an excellent book for anyone trying to separate fact from the fiction used to justify Zionism.