Topic: Economy

  • Business should pay its fair share in Seattle

    A law in Seattle taxing Amazon and other big companies to pay for housing is a net gain — but it was needlessly watered down.

  • Meeting adversity with resistance

    The Rochester Poor People's Campaign is showing how racism, poverty, militarism and ecological degradation are intertwined.

  • Trade Wars, Episode I: The Empire Lashes Out

    The Trump administration's march down the path toward economic confrontation with China could make the world an even more dangerous place.

  • The two parties come together for the banks

    One-third of Senate Democrats joined with Republicans to undo some of the regulations passed to prevent another Great Recession.

  • Taking stock of the February crash

    What can Karl Marx and his economic writings tell us about the plunges of a volatile stock market in early February?

  • The sorry tale of a Wall Street gamble gone bad

    An obscure niche of Wall Street based on betting against market volatility shows the absurdity of a system where greed is king.

  • How the global 1 Percent rips off the world

    The massive inequality between the global haves and have-nots is further proof of how capitalism fails the millions who make it run.

  • Solidarity against the bully in Davos

    Left-wing organizations and publishers in the U.S. sent messages of solidarity with the protests against Trump's visit to Switzerland.

  • Walmart's bait and switch

    Walmart announced it will raise wages--but that came along with thousands of layoffs and a tax windfall, courtesy of the GOP.

  • The robber barons of Silicon Valley

    Like their Gilded Age predecessors, today's tech billionaires use their wealth and power to wring profit from workers in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Does the Bitcoin frenzy make any sense at all?

    The craze for the "crypto-currency" called Bitcoins says a lot about the irrationality of a system where profit comes before all else.

  • Burying treasure in their tax havens

    The Paradise Papers leaked to the media reveal the everyday schemes that the rich employ to avoid paying their fair share.

  • Protesting a bad sequel to NAFTA

    The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement could spell more exploitation, especially of Mexico workers.

  • Keeping their greedy eyes on the tax-cut prize

    You knew it was coming, but the scale of Trump's planned tax-cut heist and the shamelessness of the lies to justify it still come as a shock.

  • Capitalism doesn't give a flying f*#k

    Flying the so-called friendly skies these days is an expensive, cramped, unhealthy and abusive experience--and the free market system is to blame.

  • Joining forces against NAFTA

    As the U.S. gets set to reopen negotiations of NAFTA with Mexico and Canada, activists in San Diego are planning united resistance.

  • Was the G20 protest a sign of future struggles?

    The media focused on violence, but the big news about the protests at the G20 summit is that they were the largest in some 10 years.

  • How to get mentally tough like the filthy rich

    Being rich is all a matter of having a "Tiger Mentality," according to one writer--in other words, the ability to steal candy from kids.

  • What's the agenda behind Trumponomics?

    A quarrelsome alliance of economic nationalists, China-fearing industrial bosses and some prominent bankers are forging a new U.S. economic strategy.

  • Are we living for The City?

    A book by a former British banking insider seeks to deepen the Marxist analysis of the financial system and modern imperialism.

  • We're in it together against airline hell

    Overbooked flights and poor conditions for airline workers stem from a common cause: deregulation and the pursuit of profit.

  • Tackling Trump on Tax Day

    Thousands turned out in San Diego to call for the rich to pay their fair share and for the government to fund our priorities.

  • ¿Mejor economía bajo Trump?

    El mercado bursátil ha estado bullendo desde la elección, pero esto no significa que la economía está preparada para despegar y crear puestos de trabajo.

  • Why the NGOs won't lead the revolution

    Even organizations that do good work and attempt to be accountable face a limitation: They are only addressing the symptoms, not the cause.

  • Has Trump made the economy great again?

    The stock market has been on a tear since the election, but that doesn't mean the economy is poised for takeoff, with plenty of jobs, as Trump promised.