Topic: Iran

  • Trump wants to inflict misery on Iran...again

    The U.S. government is poised to reimpose devastating economic sanctions on Iran — and the price, as before, will be paid by ordinary Iranians.

  • The return of the regime-change hawks

    After a decade in exile, militaristic foreign policy extremists have returned to power under Trump--and they're driving toward a catastrophic war.

  • Trump and Netanyahu drive toward war

    A member of the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists analyzes the frightening impact of the U.S. pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

  • Trump moves Iran back into the crosshairs

    Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is a dangerous escalation that threatens the lives of millions in the region and throughout the world.

  • Why the left has to stand with Iran's uprising

    The question of whether to support a mass social struggle against the Iranian state should be easy for the left to answer. Unfortunately, it isn't.

  • The new resistance in Iran

    An Iranian-American socialist explains the bitter grievances driving the protests shaking Iran's rulers--and what is needed to sustain and expand them.

  • Iran's exploding radicalization

    What began as a small protest in northeast Iran against price increases has spread into a rebellion that is rocking the government.

  • Appeasement, peace or neither?

    The anti-Iran hardliners are denouncing the Obama administration's nuclear agreement, but that doesn't make it a victory for peace.

  • A treaty to keep the nukes for the empire only

    The U.S. agreement with Iran on its nuclear program isn't a victory for peace and justice, but for the world's main imperial power.

  • ¿Un acuerdo para la paz?

    Mucho ha sido dicho sobre el acuerdo nuclear entre Estados Unidos e Irán, pero ¿por qué Estados Unidos piensa que tiene derecho a dictar su voluntad?

  • Are the war makers offering a real peace?

    In all the ink spilled about the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran, no one questioned the U.S. government's right to dictate to its main regional rival.

  • Why did the U.S. and Iran make a deal?

    The U.S. was able to impose its terms in a new deal about Iran's nuclear program, but the talks themselves were a sign of Washington's weakness.

  • Irán bajo la mira de EE.UU

    Estados Unidos e Israel ponen Irán bajo la mira de sus cañones por un programa balístico nuclear que ellos mimos admiten no existe.

  • Will the U.S. go to war on Iran?

    The U.S. and Israel are threatening military action against Iran over a supposed nuclear weapons program their own officials admit doesn't exist.

  • National day of action against war on Iran

    Activists in San Francisco demonstrated against sanctions and the threat of war on Iran in coordination with dozens of cities worldwide.

  • Who is killing Iran's scientists?

    Another Iranian scientist has been killed as part of an assassination campaign targeting the country's nuclear program.

  • The West's new confrontation with Iran

    Tensions are escalating again in the Persian Gulf region over U.S.-led military and economic threats against Iran.

  • The unbelievable terror plot

    An alleged terrorist conspiracy involving Iranian officials will be used by the U.S. as an excuse to escalate pressure on Iran.

  • What's next for Iran's reform movement?

    The pro-democracy movement in Iran has to turn to the working class to move forward, says a leading Iranian-American author.

  • U.S. ratchets up the pressure on Iran

    The U.S. is preparing for stiff new sanctions against Iran as the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tightens its grip on power.

  • A new phase in Iran's struggle

    New mass protests and bloody repression are deepening the divides in Iran's ruling class as the stakes for the struggle grow higher.

  • New battles take shape in Iran

    Large and militant student demonstrations in Iran signal a new phase of the pro-democracy struggle amid signs of splits among conservatives.

  • Long-range hypocrisy

    Britain's Gordon Brown could learn from the Iranian government that there's a simple way to ensure the U.S. will never ignore him again.

  • The lying game about Iran

    The manufactured crisis over Iran's supposed "nuclear capabilities" has echoes of the U.S. case for invading Iraq in 2003.

  • Will the U.S. back off Iran?

    Iran's agreement to allow inspection of a nuclear facility and negotiate with the Obama administration won't end U.S. attempts to impose its will.