Topic: National

  • Amazon puts profits ahead of Seattle homeless

    The Seattle City Council is voting on a plan to tax the city's wealthiest businesses--but Amazon has been fighting it tooth and nail.

  • Why "blue state" teachers need their own revolt

    Teachers and students in big cities endure the same kind of awful conditions and drastic cuts that sparked the educators' rebellions in red states.

  • Milwaukee schools can't take these cuts

    Teachers, parents and community members are rallying in Milwaukee against drastic budget cuts--and pledging more action.

  • Why this bill won't stop trafficking

    New legislation claiming to protect victims of sex trafficking instead further criminalizes and marginalizes sex workers.

  • Profiled on campus

    The racial profiling of two Native American brothers on a college tour in Colorado illustrates an ugly legacy of racism.

  • Solidarity after the storm in Greensboro

    When a Black neighborhood in Greensboro was devastated by a tornado, immigrants turned out in force to help residents rebuild.

  • Trump slams the door shut on migrants

    As hundreds of desperate migrants ask for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Trump administration has doubled down on racism.

  • Inundated by Nazis...and even more cops

    When neo-Nazis staged a recent rally in a Georgia town, hundreds of heavily armed police targeted anti-fascist protesters instead.

  • The impatient patient

    Blind confidence in the powers of early detection and preventative medicine is the target of Barbara Ehrenreich's new book.

  • Desafiante marcha al norte

    Unos 1.500 migrantes centroamericanos emprendieron un viaje a través de México hacia los Estados Unidos para exigir dignidad y asilo.

  • Will the real opioid pushers ever be punished?

    Bernie Sanders is proposing to hold drug company crooks accountable for the opioid crisis. But the Washington establishment will vote to acquit.

  • Smeared for speaking the truth

    A Fresno State professor's tweets about Barbara Bush has sparked an outcry even among those who defend academic freedom.

  • Protesters to UC's chancellor: Use it or lose it

    The Chancellor of UC Berkeley doesn't want to live in the chancellor's mansion, so why shouldn't we house homeless students in it?

  • The fight continues for the Black Pride 4

    Support is continuing to build for four Black and queer protesters arrested at the Pride festival in Columbus for challenging racism.

  • We want Syracuse to Recognize Us

    Bigoted videos from Syracuse University's Theta Tau chapter are sparking protests and demands for broader change at the school.

  • Trump's surprise accomplice on border troops

    Why would a liberal Democratic governor support Trump's call for National Guard troops to protect the U.S.-Mexico border?

  • The economics of their waste

    Recycling programs around the world are on the brink of collapse, and the reason is both simple and absurd: They're not profitable.

  • NYPD answer to a mental health crisis: Shoot

    At Saheed Vassell's funeral on April 20, hundreds mourned his death at the hands of police and vowed to continue the fight for justice.

  • Why is a sanctuary city profiting off detentions?

    Activists challenged an Essex County Democrat who claims to support immigrants over his backing for an ICE detention center.

  • The myth of the "#MeToo panic"

    The #MeToo campaign has been accused of ignoring "due process"--but has due process existed at all for women who have faced sexual assault?

  • Will Vermont's new gun laws help?

    The three new gun-control measures passed into law in Vermont are a departure for the state--but we should take a closer look.

  • Debating gun violence in Madison

    A discussion about guns at the University of Wisconsin was notable for what Republican and Democratic speakers failed to mention.

  • It's the cop way or the highway

    Three New York State senators are holding a highway bill hostage to their plan to put armed cops in every New York City school.

  • Asheville stands up to ICE

    Hundreds of Asheville residents gathered in solidarity with their immigrant neighbors after a series of ICE raids detained dozens.

  • When Lucasville rose up

    A prisoner who took part in the Lucasville prison rebellion describes how inmates organized and the legacy of the revolt today.